PreOrder Policy

First and foremost, PreOrder listings must be placed separately from each other, and well as in stock items. This is due, in part, because they will ship separately from things that are ready to ship, therefore two shipping amounts are needed to process the separate shipments. Secondarily, once received - preOrder Orders are set aside within our system for later processing when the items are received.  If we only have 1 order with two shipments, that would require a list, which...let's face it - makes our head spin and yours too. It just makes your preOrder hard to keep track of and and we both want it to be easy! 

Regarding our preOrder process: Collections are ordered prior to PreOrder listing and each collection is scheduled by the fabric company to arrive in Serendipity Woods within a certain month. These timeframes are usually fairly accurate, but particularly under circumstances such as global pandemics which can affect shipping times, these estimates can sometimes be a bit wonky.

At any rate, your preOrder secures your place in line, so to speak, so that when the collection does arrive - preOrder purchases of the bundle cut size you've selected are the first to be cut and shipped, prior to the in-stock listing of remaining quantities for availability. Rest assured, we make preOrders a priority once collections arrive and are committed to getting them turned around and into your waiting hands as quickly as possible.