Do you have a brick and mortar shop?

While we'd love to welcome our fabulous customers into our shop in person, we're an online retailer only.  

I'm local! Can I pick up my order?

We would LOVE to be set up for pickups, but at this time, our shop just isn't set up to accommodate them. All orders are shipped via USPS.

I've placed multiple orders within a short period of time. Can you combine orders and consolidate shipping?

The answer is yes - if we are aware of the connection between the two orders.  Very often, we notice the connection as we're processing if they are close together in our order queue. In these cases, we automatically package together and combine them. If you want to be sure we know about your multiple orders for the purpose of combining them into one shipment, send us a quick email at, and include your order number.  If we haven't shipped yet, you can bet we'll do our best to accomodate your request.

What does 'available by the continuous half yard' mean?

That's a great question! Essentially, it means two things: First, our smallest cut size in terms of yardage is a half yard. Therefore, if you'd like 3 yards of a certain fabric, you'd want to select a quantity of 6, which would mean 6 half yards, equaling 3 yards. Secondly, the 'continuous' part means we're not going to send it to you in pieces! When you select multiple quantities of the same fabric, we're leave it all in one piece so you can decide how you want to cut it today, tomorrow, a week, a month, a year, or a decade from now. We know how fabric stashes work!

Is your bunny pattern available for sale?

Also an excellent question, and one I receive often, so it’s about time to update our FAQ section here with a solid answer.  It’s actually not available for sale – at the request of my children. They’ve asked that I keep my hand-drawn, rather rudimentary (and dreadfully tattered) pattern that comes from my soul – in the family.  Sort of like the family chili recipe (which happens to be the only meal I make that every single one of my kids loves).  I’d encourage you to dig deep within you. You might find there’s a pattern in your soul too.

More FAQs will follow, I'm sure, but for now - here's where we end until the next FAQ update.