Welcome to the Woods! We're happy you’ve found us and hope you’ll feel at home in our webby little world of quilty, creative wonderment. As for our brands, we stock premium quilt fabrics from the great ones like Tilda, Andover and Moda among others. You know - the ones that you don't have to feel in your hands ahead of time to know they'll be just great when they arrive in your mailbox.

As for our backstory, you may be familiar with Serendipity Woods: The Etsy Shop, which became real all the way back in 2008. In those days, quilts, totes and fidget toys for kids were the Woodsy mainstays, along with handmade plush animals, from recycled clothing. There were owls, groundhogs, snails, and also elephants. Mostly, though - there were bunnies and mice, like Sophie - the little brown (former t-shirt and meaningful sun-top) bunny and Meg, her green mouse friend - whom you’ll see scattered around our site and socials with some other friends. They all have names, these creations from something that was once something else; and they’re part of a greater story, bits of which spill out here and there when I just can’t contain them. Our blog in Serendipity Woods is a good place to find a few, like this onethis one, and  finally this one, which fill in the blanks a bit.  

I’m Pam Selkirk, incidentally. I’m a shop owner, pattern designer, momma to six grown up humans and wife to their dad, Reed (my favorite person and also shop teammate) for more than 30 years. I’m a crafter, a writer, and a grateful child of Public Television who celebrates a spiritual link to Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood. That’s me above with Sophie, during one of our trips to International Quilt Market. Nowadays, our little shop in the Woods is a place you’ll find premium quilt fabric and all the things that go with it. 

Anyhoo, we’re glad you’re here and hope you won’t hesitate to reach out with anything we can do to support your creating or anything we can help you find in here the Woods.