You asked for it: Tilda Bits are here!

Our wildly popular Bit by Bit Stash Builder bundles are now available in limited-time 25-piece MYSTERY bundles made up of all your favorite Tilda collections, past and present. Each bundle consists of 25 different fat 16ths (9” x 10.5”), all rolled up into cheery little ‘doobies’ like our usual Bit by Bit Stash Builder Bundles. 

At present, there are FIVE starting varieties: 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A - each distinguishable from the others in case you’d like to collect all bundles without receiving any duplicates.  As time goes by and prints sell out, we’ll retire existing bundles and make room for new ones. The variance in the number will tell you if it’s a whole new 25 piece bundle. The variance in the letter will tell you that the fabrics included will vary slightly, but that some similarities from the original bundle can be expected.  

The starting Tilda collections from which you can expect each bundle to originate:

Lemon Tree, Sun Kiss, The Lazy Days, Plum Garden, Old Rose, Bon Voyage, Classic Basics, Tea Towel Basics, Medium Dots, Sophie Basics, and Meadow Basics. Fabrics from all aforementioned collections will be mixed in to each for the same of maximum variety and versatility for the scrappiest Tilda projects you can throw at them! Of note: This bundle does not contain solids or chambrays.

Contents: 100% Cotton Quilt Fabric