42 pc Layer Cake, 10" Squares

About the Abby Rose Collection:

Have you stopped to smell the roses lately? Take a moment and enjoy the soft pink of their delicate petals and the lovely fragrance that brings sweetness to the air.

Abby Rose was designed as a sister collection of Blushing Peonies. Designer Robin Pickens wanted to capture the full pink blooms and deeply layered petals of these glorious blossoms. Cabbage roses seemed to fill that request of color and beauty. Big, full roses in pretty colors. They're reminiscent of a cottage garden with brambling vines and plants filled with charm. To go with that cottage feel a cheery painted plaid is one of the coordinates, along with little rose buds yet to open and ditsy leaves. Sweeping simple lines on one of the prints remind me of the sweet fragrance wafting through the air in a gentle breeze.

Contents: 100% Cotton Quilt Fabric